Top 10 Tips for College Success…According to Spartan Alumni

Top 10 Tips for College Success…According to Spartan Alumni
De Smet Jesuit Communications
  1. Make relationships and network.
  2. Study abroad if you can.
  3. Paying internships are more motivating than unpaid.
  4. Take advantage of the city or surrounding area off campus.
  5. The lack of Greek life at some colleges is not a bad thing.
  6. If you need to get a job during college, get a job on campus.
  7. Meet people outside of classmates and join clubs.
  8. Make friends from other schools. Expand your circles beyond the walls of your campus.
  9. College is a step up. Be prepared for hard work and put in the hours.
  10. Break out of the habit of last-minute prep.

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