Student Council

100 student leaders representing all four grade levels. Engaged students sharing great ideas. Enthusiasm at an all-time high.

This is the student council at De Smet Jesuit.

All-school assemblies. Spartanfest. Mission Week. Donut Wednesdays. Blood Drives. Our student council reps plan and lead all of these events and more.

The former student government (STUGO) organization was restructured for the 2019-2020 school year with the goal of involving a higher number of students from all grade levels.  The new structure includes a four-member senior executive board, a 14-member student leadership team comprised of seniors, juniors, and sophomores, grade level leadership, and two representatives from every homeroom. 

The team leadership approach enables upperclassmen to become mentors and gives everyone the opportunity to develop as leaders, a key characteristic of the Jesuit Profile of the Graduate at Graduation.


  • Activities
  • Communications
  • House
  • Leadership
  • Student Voice

Brought to You by STUCO

Three students in the middle of an outdoor dance floor smiling at the camera.
Students dressed as referees posing a group outside the school building.
A group of boys outside on the turf field smiling for the camera.
A Jesuit plays the game Heads Up, holding his phone on his forehead while a student in the foreground gives clues.
Boys holding red t-shirts that say lifesaver to represent the blood drive in the gym.
Boys wearing college sweatshirts standing in a row and smiling.
Boys wearing ugly Christmas sweaters standing in a row and smiling.

From Our Community

  • Class of 2020
Roger Melton

I love facilitating discussions between the student body and the faculty. I want to help make De Smet the best place it can be for current and future students.

  • Director of Student Activities
  • English Teacher
Mike Russo

We know that boys learn and grow together through activity. The student council model has helped us harness school spirit and build brotherhood between classes.

  • Director of Student Council
  • English Teacher
Bridget Bowers

We’ve seen a cultural shift. So many more kids are involved, and because they feel invested in their school, they have a stronger desire to make activities successful.

  • Class of 2022
Pete Brueggestrass

The best part of being in the leadership group is that I know what is going on throughout the year and I know my voice will be heard.