The Big Draw

We have exceeded our goal!

The results are in: Congrats to all of our Big Draw Winners! Thanks to everyone's support, we once again BLEW AWAY our goal this year, and grossed a total of nearly $168,000!

Grand Prize: Mike Zuniga (sold by Maxwell Conway)
2nd Place: Rebecca Norfleet (sold by Nicholas Quarnstrom)
3rd Place: Billie LaConte (sold by Jake LaConte)
4th Place: Donald Maday (sold by Colin Brown)
5th Place: Daniel Oliver (sold by William Sellenriek)
6th Place: Linda Nowell (sold by Noah Garrett)
7th Place: David Fanter (sold by Theodore Fanter)
8th Place: Daniel Sprague (sold by Andrew Kelpe)
9th Place: Alice Manti (sold by William Bieg)
10th Place: Patricia Doherty (sold by Dylan Doherty)

Top 5 Spartan Salesmen:
1) Jason Allen - 115 tickets sold
2) Vincenzo Gabriele - 85
3) Kyle Stockman - 56
4) Jacob Brussel - 53
5) Joey Hormberg - 44

Thank you for your support of De Smet Jesuit and The BIG DRAW! For any questions, please contact Patrick Morris in the Advancement Office at (314) 567-3500 x 1241.

GRAND PRIZE: $25,000
2nd Place: $5,000
3rd-10th Places: $1,000 each

Students Who Sell the Winning Tickets Get...
Grand Prize: $500
2nd Place: $250
3rd-10th Places: $100 each

Students who sell 8+ tickets get...
- Activities pass (FREE access to all home sporting events)
- FREE entry to all mixers and semi-formals
- Half off at Jr. Ring Dance for Juniors (FREE if 12 tickets are sold)
- Half off at Prom for Seniors (FREE if 15 tickets are sold)
Students who sell 10+ tickets also get a free yearbook!

Top 5 Spartan Salesman Prizes:
- $500 Cash
- PlayStation 4
- Free Limo Service to/from a dance
- Four (4) Tickets to a Cardinals Game
- Four (4) Tickets to a Blues Game