Outdoor Club

The Outdoor club was created to give De Smet students the opportunity to get out and take part in outdoor activities like hiking, biking, canoeing, rock climbing, or other forms of recreation. Additionally, the club is a resource for students to meet classmates that have similar interests.

The club will have regular meetings during ACTIVITY PERIOD. Listen for announcements and check email for when we meet.

Ground rules for De Smet Outdoor Club

1. For liability purposes, De Smet outdoor club events are for De Smet students only. Your brothers or sisters, friends that go to other schools, etc. cannot participate in club events.

2. The Moderator is present to supervise official, school-sponsored events. If he is not there, it is not a De Smet event. For liability purposes, hunting or anything involving guns, knives, bows, axes, tomahawks, or machetes ARE NOT school-sponsored activities and Mr. O’Brien can/will not be involved with them. If YOU want to organize and assume responsibility and LIABILITY for a skeet shooting or hunting trip, you are certainly free to do so, but it would be on your own, not club business.

3. For most Outdoor Club Activities, students must use transportation provided by the school (bus or school van) or their parents. Students are not able to drive themselves or other students to Outdoor Club events without written permission from their parents. (Exceptions to this rule exist and are discussed at meetings when appropriate) De Smet vans can only be driven by De Smet faculty and staff.

4. As with any De Smet sponsored activity, the De Smet drug and alcohol policy is in effect for any and all Outdoor Club Events. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in disciplinary action and immediate expulsion from the club.

5. The De Smet outdoor club practices LEAVE NO TRACE guidelines during activities. These guidelines are in place to protect the school, the moderator, and you. They are non-negotiable. To participate in the club, you must follow all ground rules.