CLC (Christian Life Community)

CLC is a group that meets weekly for prayer and reflection. We ask members to spend at least 5 minutes in prayer each day. Often we read the same book of reflections or use the daily Gospel reading. When we meet, we talk about what our prayer life has been during the week, we offer our experiences of God within the last few days, and we share our prayers and intentions together. CLC is part of a larger Jesuit tradition of prayer groups. Many Jesuit Universities & High Schools have Christian Life Communities and we base our prayers and reflections upon St Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises. CLC works best when members make an effort to attend meeting regularly and are committed to incorporating prayer into our daily lives.

“CLC spirituality is deeply rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. General Congregation 35 (2008) of the Society of Jesus articulated the charism of the Jesuits as “a fire that kindles other fires,” and a “united apostolic body seeking what is best for the service of God in the church and for the world.” Through Ignatian spirituality, members of Christian Life Communities share in this gift and spirit… The “hearth” of CLC where faith is nurtured, hope is anchored and love pervades so that the Gospel mission can be more fully manifested in daily life in the current culture and situation in which we live. CLC envisions itself as a “missioned,” discerning community.”

For more information or if you are interested in being a part of CLC contact Dr. Callahan in the Campus Ministry Center or by email at