Art Club - The Spartist

“It is the mission of the De Smet Jesuit Art Club to not only celebrate the beauty and joy that can be found in art, but also to enrich ourselves in new artistic endeavors. We also aim to extend the values that we have found in art to the rest of the De Smet community. We do this in order to bring a new level of appreciation for art in our fellow students.”

John Seals (2012 Presiden

Moderators: Mrs. Laurie Kohler and Mrs. Emily Ledbetter


Open House
Robert Michelmann Demonstrating Spot Welding
De Smet and Whitfield Exchange Project 2
Design made with Scrap Metal
Face Painting Alex Trunko 2014-15
Facepainting for Christmas On Campus Alex Trunko2014-15
Group Shot