Clubs & Activities

De Smet Jesuit High School is committed to educating the whole person, one who is loving and open to growth. In order to do this, we offer a wide variety of athletic, non-athletic, and service-oriented activities.

Activities provide opportunities to strengthen the talents and develop skills outside the classroom by providing an environment in which friendships can be made and enhanced. Students and teachers develop closer bonds by having a relationship outside the normal classroom setting. Competitions bring special feelings of achievement and satisfaction while activities challenge a student to manage their time wisely. Students who participate in these co-curriculars have the opportunity to be better students as well as more well-rounded men.

De Smet Jesuit takes pride in its co-curricular programs and all they have achieved. We take pride in the accolades received by many of our non-athletic activities, such as the Mirror (our newspaper), the Speech & Debate Team, the Junior Classical League, as well as the outside service work completed by our students.

Take time to check out the clubs and organizations within our school and make a commitment to them. If you can't find something that interests you or you have an idea for a new club, come and see us, we are always adding new organizations as our students see fit. Keep in mind the MAGIS, the "MORE." Always see how you can do more at home, in the classroom, in activities, in athletics, everywhere.

It’s challenging at first, but once you gain the self-discipline, you can manage your time for the things you’re committed to, like homework, sports and clubs, plus it gives you the confidence to join in on unscheduled stuff.
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Collin Bryan, Junior