De Smet Jesuit Student Life

Good friendships can change the world. The Student Life programs at De Smet Jesuit aim to cultivate the atmosphere and activities that teach students to be friends who elicit the best in each other.    

St. Louis Boys Private High School - De Smet Jesuit Student GovernmentFriendship and companionship fostered the earliest days of the Jesuits. St. Francis Xavier was the age of a high school senior when he met Ignatius of Loyola, and the two would soon become friends. They passed the time just as any De Smet Jesuit student would today; they studied together, ate with friends, told stories and laughed often. Over time, a larger group of friends began to coalesce around common activities. Soon, they attended Mass together and hiked on the weekends. Similar to the experience of De Smet Jesuit students who embark upon service projects or Spring Break Immersion trips, Francis and Ignatius motivated friends to come along as they worked with the poor and visited hospitals. Clearly, these friendships had caused a change within each one of them - they called each other to be more. Later, the first Jesuits would come to describe themselves as "friends in the Lord."

The Student Life experience at De Smet Jesuit flows from the experience of these first Jesuits, providing experiences that teach students how to be good friends among each other and in the world. In short, the Student Life experience at De Smet Jesuit reminds students that education transcends textbooks and lab assignments, important though they are. The fun we have during dances and mixers, painting ourselves maroon for sports games, serving on mission trips and service projects, organizing club meetings, or eating together in the cafeteria focuses upon a unified purpose. The fun originates in becoming true friends - friends with the Lord, friends in the Lord, and friends who effect change in the world.