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Spartan Summer at De Smet Jesuit offers exciting and challenging camp programs for middle school boys at our private Catholic school campus in Creve Coeur.


Lunch is included for each camper participating in all-day camps.  Lunch can be purchased in advance for anyone in a half day camp.  Cost for lunch is $5 per day and campers will have their choice between 2 items each day (exact menu for the week will be made available before the camp to place orders).

Menu options include:

Chicken Strips & Fries Hamburger & Fries Hot Dog & Fries Pizza
Turkey Club & Chips Chicken Club & Fries Chicken Wraps Toasted Ravioli
Spaghetti & Meatballs Macaroni & Cheese Baked Penne w/ Meat Baked Beef Ravioli


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Youth Athletic Camps

All Athletic Camp fees include fees for an athletic trainer on site and secondary insurance for each camper.


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Youth Academic Camps

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Incoming Freshmen Athletic Camps

High School Academic Camps/Classes

Incoming Freshmen Academic Camps


Spartan Prep is taught in three components over the course of one week. Please choose the week that works best in your summer schedule.


Bridget Bowers, De Smet Jesuit English Teacher

Nick Dressler, De Smet Jesuit English Teacher

Henry Samson, De Smet Jesuit English Teacher

Chris Welling, De Smet Jesuit English, Theater and Improvisation Teacher


June 10 - 14

June 17 - 21

June 24 - 28

Time 9am-12pm

Fee $120*

Contact: or

Spartan Prep is a one-week course designed to help incoming freshmen acclimate to De Smet Jesuit prior to the start of their freshman year. The course is taught in three major components:

Academic Success

In this portion of the summer transition camp, we delve into the difference between content knowledge—the type of knowledge upon which grade school success relies so heavily—and skills knowledge, which leads to better high school success. Additionally, students will understand and demonstrate essential reading and note-taking methods that they can then utilize from day one of their high school career

Jesuit Identity and Leadership

This section of the course focuses on Jesuit Identity, leadership, and adjustment to De Smet’s many opportunities and facilities. Students will spend time discussing what it means to attend a Jesuit Catholic high school and the unique educational lens that is provided for them, and how it can be applied to the world around them. We also discuss opportunities for growth and leadership throughout their time at De Smet Jesuit, and the definition and application of leadership throughout their lives. This component also delves into the school’s facilities, extracurricular activities, clubs, and general time management when transitioning into all the things high school has to offer.

De Smet Jesuit: Navigating the Culture

This component of Spartan Prep is designed to provide an in-depth exposure to various social and educational issues that encompass the transition from middle-school to high school, including the development of character, respect, leadership, and social skills that will empower students to maximize their individual strengths and talents, providing tools for overcoming challenging situations during and outside of the school day, and exploring strategies for balancing academic and social success. The substance of this component of Spartan Prep is focuses on student-centered and student-driven participation. The students will engage in discussions, real-time projects, and improvisational games aimed at further developing communication skills.

In addition, each session will offer a Q & A panel for incoming parents, featuring current De Smet Jesuit parents.

*Based on results of the HSPT test to be administered in late February, some students will be required to enroll in Spartan Prep. Families receiving financial aid may qualify for partial fee waiver. Please contact the Office of Admission for more information.

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