The heart of Ignatian spirituality is the belief that God can be experienced in all things.
As a result, we should learn how to pray within the context of our daily lives. The Jesuit phrase for this, “contemplation in action,” forms the philosophy and framework for De Smet’s retreat program. On retreat, students and faculty focus on prayer and spirituality in an effort to enter more fully into a personal relationship with God in everyday life.
Teams of faculty and upperclassmen work together to design retreat experiences for every class and four Kairos experiences per year.


Groups of boys with arms around each other on a grass field at sunset.


End as We Begin

The culminating activity of the Freshman Odyssey retreat is the Spartan Olympics, during which freshmen compete in team-building activities in their homeroom groups. The day ends in prayer.

Our Retreat Program

Student Kairos retreat leaders standing in front of a welcome sign.
Group of students and teachers smiling for the camera at a retreat center.
  • Class of 2015
Ben Yeager

Kairos is an experience that will stay with me for my entire life. The things I have learned as well as the situations I was put in helped me to shape who I want to be in the future. You will not regret going.

  • Class of 2013
  • Physics Teacher
Evan Jenkins

“Kairos gives you that special opportunity to grow as brothers and to share your life with them, but also to grow as an individual and see where you want your life to go for God, for others, and for yourself."