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Zoom and the Guinea Pig

Zoom and the Guinea Pig
Alex Hall, Theology Teacher and Track Coach

My father has discovered Zoom.

He’s been using it to video chat with his clients as they try to train from home. This is new to him, so it’s both confusing and exciting.

This means that I’m the Guinea Pig.

I get the random calls to try something new. I get the random calls to celebrate getting Zoom set up on the smart phone, then the Kindle, then the laptop. In my “new normal,” this is one of my many opportunities to cultivate and live out virtues. Patience immediately comes to mind…. “I don’t know how this works!” “I’m busy doing X, Y, Z, so I can’t take this Zoom call.”

These have been moments of initial impatience. I’m not perfect. Virtue doesn’t take over for me so I can set life on autopilot and be good. However, when I take a second or two and recognize the situation, patience kicks in. Then love kicks in, because I love my dad. And yeah he’s given me so much, so I can give him a few minutes. I think that’s gratitude. Actually, I know that’s gratitude because I’m glad that I get to join in with my dad as he figures things out. I’m glad to share in his excitement when it works and he finds a way to do something that he loves in this new normal.

I get to be with my dad as he tries this new technology. Sometimes I can actively help, but sometimes I just end up watching him and waiting with him as he figures things out. All of this is a blessing from God a wonderful, yet simple gift that God has found a way to give to me in the midst of the loss of all the complexity that life held just over a week and a half ago.

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