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Student Gratitude During Self-Isolation

Student Gratitude During Self-Isolation
Emmett Concannon '22

Hello Spartan community! My name is Emmett Concannon and I am a sophomore at De Smet Jesuit High School. Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, my family and I have been self-isolating.

My work space at home is my room/family room. I get settled with my computer and headphones and do my school work, and that's how it’s been during the outbreak. Some ways I stay active around my house is I help my mom clean the house: vacuuming, doing laundry, yard work, etc. Also, going out on walks and biking are a good way that my family and I have been staying active lately, being vigilant about the six feet distancing.

Some things that I am grateful for are my family, friends, a roof over my head, food and water, and access to the internet. Some things that I miss are going to school, seeing my friends, and eating at a restaurant—also seeing some of my family members due to the situation that we are all going through right now. My family and I were recently going to go to Mexico to visit my grandma, and we thought it best to stay in St. Louis, due to the pandemic. I was also going to go to Taiwan with Tseng Laoshi and the De Smet Chinese group, and I received the email that the trip was cancelled a couple days ago.

I don't think I've witnessed anything like this before. I wish that everyone stays safe and healthy during this outbreak, and may God bless everybody.

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