Staying Alive: High School Latin

Staying Alive: High School Latin
Sarah Schmidt, Latin teacher and World Languages Department Chair

Approximately 65% of English words come from Latin. Students who study Latin—

  1. Are introduced to linguistic and cultural foundations of our modern society.
  2. Gain an expanded vocabulary and an understanding of word formation that can help even with unfamiliar words.
  3. Benefit in science courses and college entrance exams thanks to the understanding of Latin stems and roots.
  4. Improve English writing skills because of necessary understanding of grammar required to read the works of the ancient authors.
  5. Learn to think logically, which boosts cognitive processes needed for math, science, and engineering.
  6. Cultivate mental processes such as alertness, attention to detail, memory, logic, and critical reasoning.

Latin is one of three world languages offered at De Smet Jesuit along with Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. More than half of our students complete at least three years of a world language at De Smet Jesuit, and many earn college credit through the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program, Advanced Credit Program, or Advanced Placement courses. To learn more about Latin or our world language department, contact Sarah Schmidt, Department Chair. To learn more about our college credit programs, contact Chris Williams, Assistant Principal for Academics.

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