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Redefining #DSJonTheRise - Time To Stay Connected

Redefining #DSJonTheRise - Time To Stay Connected
Carrie Becher

When the school year began, the hashtag #DSJonTheRise reflected the wonderful successes we experienced. Things like three state championships in six months, a perfect ACT score, record-breaking giving campaigns, spotlights on television, and award-winning performances.

Today, #DSJonTheRise means rising above the current circumstances to continue to be men and women for and with others.

In this unprecedented time, we recognize the myriad emotions that exist—seniors who pictured their last semester differently. Athletes whose seasons paused abruptly. Parents who have questions and concerns. Teachers who are mastering new techniques. Community members who are worried. Students who simply miss hanging out with their friends.

As we face the challenges of our new reality, we do so with perspective and gratitude. There will be challenges and there will be victories. You are not alone. We ask that you help us stay connected. What does your study area look like? How do you stay active at home? What are you grateful for? What do you miss?

In the weeks to come, please submit your stories online here or tag @desmetjesuiths on social media with #DSJontherise. It can be a heartfelt reflection or it can be a photo and a simple one-liner.

Let’s connect through this new reality and expand how we define Spartan Country.

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