Multimedia Specialist Captures Stunning Homeland Beauty

Multimedia Specialist Captures Stunning Homeland Beauty

“For a lot of people, visiting your auntie or visiting your grandma is like a 30-minute drive. For us it’s a 6,000 mile flight,” said Henry Anyimadu ’23, who spent his winter break traveling to Africa to see family and visit the villages in Ghana where his parents are from.

“The plan is for them to be going regularly so they can learn a lot from the Ghana culture as compared to the American culture,” said Mary Animadu, his mom. “I want them to learn the two together.”

As a multimedia specialist for the student newswriting staff, Henry created this video to contribute to the staff’s efforts to earn Best of SNO distinction, an honor the class strives for each year.

When asked how he captured the stunning footage of his parents’ home country? “I got a drone for Christmas,” he explained with a smile.

Enjoy "A Journey Home" Video

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