In a Faculty Member's Words

In a Faculty Member's Words
Adam Boehm, Math Teacher and Coach

Every day I leave De Smet exhausted, and my hope is that anyone who sees me in those moments doesn't see the exhaustion, but the passion to be better the next day. I see it in my students, my athletes, and my colleagues every day, and it drives me to be better.

At our best, we put students in a place where they can throw caution to the wind, take a chance, and learn; whether that be how to use the quadratic formula or be a man of faith and love. That's what excites me. There is no ‘good enough’ because it never is; not to our standards. Adam Boehm, Mathematics Teacher and Coach

Why Gifts to the Spartan Fund Matter

Jeff Cernicek, Director of Development,

Parent giving to the Spartan Fund is a vital part of the school’s overall fundraising efforts. A great education is one of the most enduring gifts we can give our young men. Through service and financial support of the Spartan Fund, parents send the message, “we are deeply committed to the growth and opportunities our beloved school provides.”

Our generosity helps ensure that we can retain the best faculty members possible who excel both in the classroom and faith-filled formation of our students. The words shared by Mr. Boehm are reflective of the sentiment felt by our faculty and staff: they are called to be here to serve both our young men and our mission.

We encourage all parents to participate giving to the Spartan Fund. Please consider making a gift or pledge by Friday, October 1. To ensure that we receive your gift in time, you can make your donation using our secure online form at Your generosity speaks volumes and affirms the message that parents believe in the value of a De Smet Jesuit education. Thank you!

Parent Giving

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