For You

For You
Robert Bergman '93

More than 400 years of experience lies with the top 15 tenured teachers at De Smet. That is nearly unbelievable when you think about how young De Smet is as a school. We have seen this school grow and change over the course of our tenure, and through the ups and downs we’ve never wavered in our commitment to the school but most importantly to our students.

Every year we see our students transform in ways we never thought possible.

In the classroom, in the halls, and on the fields and courts, we watch them mature into the young men who will take on the modern problems of the world, and we help give them that background of understanding to take on those leadership roles.

We were even able to do it during the first COVID year when we never once had to shut down thanks to the foresight and leadership of the administrative team and staff, and especially our nurse, Molly Devereux. Thank you for your guidance.

We couldn’t have navigated the past two years without the help of our parents as well. Our families helped the classroom teachers in more ways than they can imagine by giving us the support we needed to work for and with their sons in an unprecedented time. Parents served on our response team, helped create in-home learning environments, backed up teachers leading virtual classrooms, maintained open communication with faculty, and helped in so many other ways. Thank you for your support.

I look at my seniors now, the week after spring break when they are so over school but still arrive ready for the day’s lesson and camaraderie. Each one of our students has impacted the community in a positive way. Whether building a dragon to parade the halls for Chinese New Year or hosting Wild ’N Out improv games at assemblies, they’ve found creative ways to keep school spirit alive and cheered each other on despite crowd restrictions and mask mandates. Our seniors will be moving on in a few months into lives unknown; but, they did that four years ago when they chose to spend their precious lives at our school. Thank you for your choice.  Your challenges became our challenges, and your successes became our successes.

I remember when we had to shift to a virtual campus two years ago when our current seniors were sophomores and how they jumped right into remote learning without much difficulty.

A lot of us complained because we wanted to gather as a community, but we all muddled through those few months before we could be together again. Many other schools did not have the same opportunity to see their teachers in person in 2020-2021. You may not know this, but teachers need students because we thrive in your presence.

My colleagues have given their all in these COVID years. I could go down each hallway and tell you the struggles and successes of nearly every faculty, staff, admin, and maintenance person, but the big take away is that we wouldn’t be here without your help and support.


The person who is reading this right now. Even if it is just reading a blog, you have given us the love and support we needed to get through this, and we try every day to give you what we have to give.

You, are the reason we do this, and you are the reason we strive to educate young men to help make the world a better place.

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