College Credit Options for High School Students

College Credit Options for High School Students
Chris Williams, Assistant Principal for Academics and Dave Boland, College Counselor

De Smet Jesuit students can begin earning college credit for select classes as early as sophomore year. Many Spartans graduate with 20 or more college/AP credits that allow them to begin their post-secondary education as a sophomore. These students are almost guaranteed to earn their bachelor’s degree in four years or less. 

Taking college credit/AP courses in high school gives our students an advantage, and almost 90% of our students are enrolled in classes where they are eligible to earn college credit.

De Smet Jesuit offers college credit in seven out of eight departments.

To see a full list of college credit course options, download a page from our curriculum guide.

Download Our List of College Credit Classes

To learn more about specific programs, click on the links below:

Saint Louis University’s 1818 Advanced College Credit Program

UMSL’s Advanced Credit Program

AP courses

Students at De Smet Jesuit select courses each spring. To learn more about how our course selection process is designed to enroll students in classes they are best prepared for and where they will be most appropriately challenged, please review our Curriculum Guide or contact our Assistant Principal for Academics, Chris Williams.

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