Am I Ready to Receive Christmas?

Am I Ready to Receive Christmas?
Evan Jenkins '13

This Sunday’s readings have me thinking.  Am I prepared?  Am I ready to receive the Christ-child?

Sitting here and reflecting on what I believe it means to “be prepared”, my heart asks my mind, “am I creating an environment where I am able to receive Christmas this year?”.

I enjoy reading and listening to musicians and bands discuss how they were able to write their songs, and a lot of the time they talk about how the songs and lyrics are only able to flow through if the environment around the songwriter allows for the song to be written.  An environment that has stripped away things that may hinder clarity and creativity.  An environment that supports the simplicity of mind, body, and spirit.  

Looking toward Christmas through the lens of our current quarantine and distancing from others, I ask myself again, “am I ready to receive Christmas?”

Where in my life can I simplify?  Not just the simplicity of the physical world and of things, but the simplicity of the mind, body, and heart.  

While this Christmas will look and feel very different from all other years, I am still able to put love, faith, hope, and peace at the forefront of my being.  Stripping away worldly things allows for an environment where Christ can more easily and fully enter our hearts this Christmas.  

Let us pray for peace in our hearts, peace in our minds, and peace in our spirits.


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