4 Tips for Early Exam Prep

4 Tips for Early Exam Prep
Linda Doherty and Barbara Kersting

The week of final exams can be filled with pressure. Our learning consultants offer four tips for offsetting the stress by preparing in advance...four to six weeks in advance.

1. Study from old tests and quizzes.
At home, start gathering all old work and past assessments. Organizing study materials takes time. The sooner students start this process, the more organized and prepared they will be for exam week.

2. Space out your studying.
Take a look at family and personal calendars now. Pencil in uninterrupted study time. These study sessions are events that cannot be changed or modified. It’s important to be intentional with study time.

 3. Make appointments with teachers for one-to-one review.
Now is the time to see teachers about material that is confusing. Meet with the classroom teacher to seek clarification and understanding.

Personal tutors get busy, too! If you work with a tutor, schedule your exam prep time now to ensure that you get the academic support needed to prepare for exams.

4. Do not cram at the last minute.
This is the most important tip--prepare yourself and be ready. Exam week can be stressful, however, the week can be successful if you are prepped emotionally and academically.

These tips come from Learning Consultants, Linda Doherty and Barbara Kersting. De Smet Jesuit also offers peer tutoring from the National Honor Society, moderated by Jim Walsh.

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