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Puerto Rico Blog Day 3

Puerto Rico Blog Day 3
Geno Erker '20

This morning was special for me because we got to help preserve different species of plants and keep the world just as beautiful as it is now. While the work that we did may seem insignificant, I learned that there really are people all around the globe that are committed to preserving nature and who will inspire others to do service like ours. The difference between the past few days and today is that today’s service at Para La Naturaleza is that we interacted much more with the people who we helped. However, today our service wasn’t visible for us.

Now that I’ve been here in San Juan for 4 days, I have become much closer and more comfortable with my host family, and I’ve gotten to understand the culture in Puerto Rico much better by talking to them.

Today I learned a lot about the nature in Puerto Rico, as the leaders of our service taught us about many of the different genera of plants that we were planting and pulling weeds from.

- Zach Raniszeski '20

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