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Puerto Rico Blog Day 1

Puerto Rico Blog Day 1
Geno Erker '20

This morning was special because we got to spend it helping those who really need it. I know I’m not alone in saying that there was more than a few times I laughed and smiled as I saw the joy and wonder of the children. I thought about all of the struggles they face every day and how they remain so happy and curious about the world around them.  

A moment when I felt God was near was when one of the kids in my room had a meltdown. Everyone remained so calm despite the circumstances, and I felt that it represented how God always serves as a calming and watchful presence despite uncertainty in our lives.  

My routine today was a little different from my normal day as I tried to spend more time with my new brother and his family. I tried to take advantage of my time in a different place and spend time talking to the family, and hopefully I can continue this habit with my own family when I get back home. I want to work to spend more time with them before I lose the opportunity when I go away to college.  

The language barrier today wasn’t too bad as several of the children in my classroom spoke English, so it was fun to be able to speak with them about their interests and families.  

My family here in San Juan is so loving, and I am so grateful to get to experience my time here with them.  

- Geno Erker '20

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