Top 6 Takeaways - NCAA Eligibility Session

Top 6 Takeaways - NCAA Eligibility Session
Will Gunn, College Advisor

For students considering playing college sports, the College Counseling department presented an evening session on athletic eligibility and NCAA requirements. Here are Mr. Gunn’s top six takeaways:

  1. The NCAA requires student athletes who plan to play for Division 1 or 2 schools to register with the Eligibility Center at
  2. Students must achieve a sufficiently high NCAA core GPA and ACT points total as well as prove amateur status in order to become eligible for collegiate athletics.
  3. Core GPAs are determined from a school-specific list of NCAA core courses; ACT points totals are the sum of all four sections on the student’s ACT.
  4. Students should register for the Eligibility Center after junior year and must prove amateur status after April 1 of their senior year.
  5. Transcripts must be sent to the Eligibility Center via Naviance, and test scores from  The NCAA test code is 9999.
  6. Students with questions should contact their college counselor for assistance!

For more information, please contact Mr. Gunn or Mr. Boland.

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