Student Leaders Called to be Missionaries

Student Leaders Called to be Missionaries
Debbie Higgins

The choice of the day to train our student leaders was intentional.

“St. Ignatius was a missionary, and today, the eve of his feast day, we called our student leaders to be missionaries,” said Kelsey Grimm, Director of Campus Ministry.  

“The opportunity is yours to have a positive impact on the lives of others,” she said. “Ask for the grace to be servant leaders who do what is right for the greater glory of God.”

Students with leadership responsibilities in student government (StuGo), Campus Ministry, the Black Student Union, and Compañeros, spent July 30 on campus, team-building and preparing for the coming school year. They set goals for school-wide activities and tested the ropes course in preparation to lead our Classes of 2024 and 2025 through their Odyssey experience on August 6.

“Just as the Jesuits are witnesses to God’s work across the globe, you are our witnesses to God’s work here at De Smet Jesuit,” said William Manaker, S.J. “It is your mission to share with your brothers the spirit of De Smet and the love of God that infuses everything we do.”

Students received St. Ignatius medals and prayer cards to commemorate their charge as leaders.

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