Odyssey Welcomes New Students

Odyssey Welcomes New Students
Debbie Higgins

At De Smet Jesuit, Odyssey is way we help new students feel at home.

Incoming freshmen, new transfer students, and the Class of 2024 spent August 6 on campus to experience this important De Smet Jesuit tradition. Odyssey I is a day filled with ice breakers, and friendly competition designed to help new Spartans get to know their classmates and begin building bonds of brotherhood.

For the sophomore Class of 2024, the day was a “do-over” Odyssey to provide the authentic experience that wasn’t possible in August 2020 because of COVID safety restrictions.

Working as teams with classmates in their homerooms, Spartans completed a challenging ropes course, navigating the Spider Web, the Trust Fall, the Trolley, and The Wall, to name a few. Senior Sports and Spirit leaders taught cheers, and the day concluded with the Spartan Olympic Games. After making their way around the track, teams competed in events such as the Velcro Wall, Giant Twister, the Defender Dome and more.  

Enjoy your journey at De Smet Jesuit, Spartans!

Group of boys holds one boy up and slides him through  a space in a net.
Group of boys run on a track, with one boy carrying a flag.
Boy cheers on another boy racing on a giant green and white inflatable pony.
Boys in a line doing tug of war, holding rope.
Boys in inflatable court, holding large cylinders to swing.

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