Now More Than Ever Your Son Needs a Safe Classroom Experience

Now More Than Ever Your Son Needs a Safe Classroom Experience
Carrie Becher

In August 2020, De Smet Jesuit was thrilled to open its doors on campus and welcome back students carefully and safely. A dedicated faculty and staff had spent countless hours preparing the school and the community for a new school year, and fall semester 2020 was an overall success of continued learning, engaging, and adjusting to the demands of the world and the needs of the students.

In addition to a slightly shorter block schedule, which has already proven successful for teenage boys, administrators also established safety protocols and revamped large spaces on campus to become classrooms where desks could be spaced apart. The established technology infrastructure also proved a key player in a more seamless transition between remote learning and in-person education.

Our IT department has worked very hard to meet the needs of in-person and remote learners and teachers as well. We have shipped equipment via FedEx and used remote meetings to serve our students as seamlessly as possible and frequently communicate how-to documents to students and teachers. Mike Talken, Director of Educational Technology.

As spring semester 2021 unfolds, teachers continue their commitment to a college prep curriculum and a balanced, Jesuit education. Students demonstrate patience, heart, and resilience as they experience high school in new ways.

We believe student success is improved when the learning environment is as predictable, supportive, and safe as it can be. Kevin Poelker, Principal

High school boys need a safe experience in school with teachers who care and can adapt.

De Smet Jesuit is an all boys Jesuit high school in St. Louis. We are committed to helping students grow both academically and spiritually. Interested in learning more? Connect with us today.

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