Forensics Class Works on Mock Crime Scenes

Forensics Class Works on Mock Crime Scenes
De Smet Jesuit Communications

Forensics Science students headed outside this week as part of the CSI unit in Dr. Baxendale’s class—an honors senior-level course that earns college credit as part of the SLU-sponsored 1818 Advanced College Credit program.

Four groups of students approached the various mock crime scenes, complete with inflatable victims, bags of unidentified substances, and tape to mark off the area. Assigned specific jobs—including first responder, photographer, sketch artist, evidence collector, and recorder—each student completed his checklist of responsibilities to help his crew properly handle the scene. A visiting police officer added expertise to the afternoon, clarifying details on how various items would be labeled in a real scenario and answering students’ questions.

In addition to students learning to work together and budget their time, this exercise also exposes them to multiple characteristics of our Jesuit grad-at-grad profile such developing as a leader, being open to growth, and understanding that the intrinsic motivator for forensics is being committed to justice. Students enjoy the hands-on learning and appreciate the break from the classroom. “This is one of the highlights, for sure,” said Dr. Baxendale.

Forensic Science is one of 11 elective science classes offered at De Smet Jesuit, including Anatomy and Physiology, Digital Electronics, 3D Design and Printing, and Robotics. For more information on our science program or college credit opportunities, please see the Curriculum Guide or contact Dr. Baxendale, Chair of Science Department.

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