Concannon ’22 Earns Second Consecutive Selection for District Honors Orchestra

Concannon ’22 Earns Second Consecutive Selection for District Honors Orchestra
Debbie Higgins

Congratulations to Emmett Concannon ’22 for his selection as a member of the 2021 Metro District 8 Honors Orchestra. It’s the second consecutive selection for Emmett, who was also chosen for the 2020 Honors Orchestra.  

“I really enjoy playing the violin because I can ‘feel’ what I am playing,” Emmett said. “That feeling of my left hand on the strings is sort of like giving the violin its first pulse. The movement of my right hand on the bow carries the rest of the life into the instrument. The vibration of the strings goes straight through me and I can even feel it in my heart. It’s something that is truly magnificent about this specific instrument. And since the violin is such an expressive instrument, it touches my soul like no other instrument would.”

Emmett, who started playing violin at age 6, says that “music and sound have been part of my life for as long as I can remember.” He recently started producing his own music on a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). “The connections I’ve made and the places I’ve traveled because of my music have helped me become a better person and a better musician,” he said. 

In addition to De Smet Jesuit’s new String Ensemble, Emmett performs with the Honors Jazz Ensemble and participates in the Liturgical Music program. “Emmett is quite the versatile musician!” said Nick Moramarco, Instrumental Music teacher and Band Director. “He has an accomplished range which includes classical, mariachi, fiddle, and jazz improvisation, and  is well deserved of his spot in the Metro 8 Honors Orchestra both this year and last year. I’m grateful for his desire to make music a priority and to serve as a leader to our developing musicians."

Boy in tuxedo holds award plaque and smiles at the camera.

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