3D Vision: Students Design Models of Campus Landmarks

3D Vision: Students Design Models of Campus Landmarks
Debbie Higgins

“I didn’t have an outline, so I had to draw the curves of the track freehand,” said Jacob Lorimier ’22, explaining a challenge he faced while designing a model of Suntrup Field for Mr. Bender’s 3D Printing class. Determination, creative problem solving, and patience served students well as they learned to design and print three-dimensional objects.

Using Autodesk Fusion 360, professional-grade software created for engineers and machinists, students built everything from a working door hinge to a helicopter and even Thor’s hammer. They began with simple design projects, including a six-sided die, to learn the basics of the software and practice skills, such as identifying which modifications were necessary to print projects successfully.  

 “The only limit in the class was our creativity. When I was able to pull off an idea, it was really satisfying,” Jacob said. His model of Suntrup Field was complete with field markings, goal posts, and windows in the press box. Jacob’s turf replica was one of the class’s final assignments. It required students to create 3D models of campus landmarks using Google Maps and photos as reference points for architectural detail. 

This elective class, growing in popularity, provides “a fantastic creative outlet for students,” said Mr. Bender. “They enjoy the collaborative nature of the work.”  

Reprinted from the Summer 2021 issue of Odyssey magazine.


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