Acting & Improvisational Theatre

Acting & Improvisational Theatre

Meets graduation requirement | one-half credit | one semester

This course provides the students with an exposure to the various forms of acting, improv, and drama, thereby helping the student develop a more creative and flexible approach to solving performance problems and critical thinking. This is a very active class that challenges the imagination of the actor and gives him a chance to explore a variety of experiences on stage. The ensemble will play improv and theater games, and perform scenes in order to communicate better with one another and the community at large. Through a series of exercises, the student will obtain a basic understanding of one of the fundamentals of acting—improvisation. 

The course is also designed to provide students with an introduction to the theatre and acting in theory and performance. Emphasis will be on the use of imagination, the senses, an introduction to stage movement, and script analysis. Students will perform a monologue and/or scene from a comedic or dramatic script, and attend one live theatre performance at De Smet Jesuit.

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