Why Did Jesus Have To Suffer?

Why Did Jesus Have To Suffer?
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Why did Jesus have to die on the cross in order to save us from our sins? This week, 2011 De Smet graduate, Fr. Joe Detwiler explains to us that Jesus’ passion fulfills the prophesies of the Old Testament about the suffering servant. But most importantly, Jesus chose such a painful death to save us so that he could relate to us. By suffering not only gruesome physical pain, but also rejection, betrayal, mockery, insults, and abandonment from friends, there is no pain that we humans can experience that Christ has not yet already endured. He understands our pain, can relate to us, and be by our side when we are suffering. As we head into Holy Week, may we remember that Christ took upon himself the punishment we deserve in order to do something we could never do: save ourselves.

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