Why Catholics Honor & Pray to Mary

Why Catholics Honor & Pray to Mary
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Why do Catholics worship Mary? Why do they pray to her? In this week’s video we discuss how Catholics honor Mary as the mother of God. And in that honoring, we don’t worship Mary, but we ask her to pray for us since she is seated next to Jesus in Heaven. Just like he listened to her at the wedding of Cana, he listens to her pleas, so we ask her to pray on our behalf, especially when we are unable to pray to God ourselves. The prayer “Hail Mary” comes directly from scripture and uses the words that St. Elizabeth greets Mary with when she finds out that Mary is pregnant with Jesus. “Blessed are you among women.” Mary was chosen out of all the women of the world to be the mother of the Savior of the world, so why would we not give her the honor that God saw in her? Next time you need someone to pray for you, consider asking Mary, your heavenly mother, to intercede on your behalf so that when you aren’t able to pray at a certain moment, her prayers can continue as she sits next to and talks to her son in Heaven.

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