What in the world...

What in the world...
Sarah Schmidt, Latin teacher and World Languages Department Chair

does studying a world language do for you?

Studying a world language (such as Spanish, Chinese, and Latin offered at De Smet Jesuit):

  • Provides students with the tools to communicate with people of other countries.
  • Enhances students’ understanding of their own language.
  • Allows students to understand and appreciate other ways of life.
  • Helps students develop critical thinking skills that will help them connect their own language and culture to that of others.
  • Develops students’ verbal, written, and critical thinking skills in the target world language.
  • Broadens the students’ cultural, personal, and intellectual views.
  • Encourages students to make connections between their own and world languages, cultures, and peoples.
  • Promotes the study of texts in the target language.
  • Utilizes technology to facilitate student learning by diverse means.
  • Fosters and increases student interest in world languages, cultures, and peoples.
  • Provides opportunities for studying world languages and cultures abroad.
  • Provides continuing world language study beyond the two-year requirement.

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