Receive the Holy Spirit

Receive the Holy Spirit
Campus Ministry

Happy Easter! Jesus is risen from the dead! Alleluia! During one of the first appearances Jesus made to the apostles after his resurrection, he breathed on them and gave them the Holy Spirit. What does this mean? What is the Holy Spirit and why is Jesus gifting him to the apostles, and us? This week, Fr. Charlie Samson, Archdiocesan Priest and Assistant Professor at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, explains how Jesus is offering the apostles forgiveness. This is also when he instituted the Sacrament of Confession by granting the apostles the power to forgive others’ sins. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection God has reconciled the world to himself and grants us the gift of forgiveness through the Holy Spirit as we confess our sins during Reconciliation. Is there anything for which you need to reconcile with God? Or with others? Receive the Easter peace that Jesus wants to give you.

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