Ashes, Death, and Lent

Ashes, Death, and Lent
Carrie Becher

Why do we focus so much on death during Lent? Catholics begin Lent with Ash Wednesday Mass during which we receive ashes that remind us of our mortality. In this week’s video, Fr. Zac Povis ’07 explains to us how the purpose of focusing on our mortality is to remember the fact that we don’t have forever to live here on this Earth and that we should use the time we are given to best of our ability, to love God and neighbor. Additionally, the ashes remind us that death is not the final step; that we have joy and hope that comes with the Resurrection. We all share in Christ’s death and resurrection, so when we get overwhelmed with sadness, tragic events, or moments of despair we remember that Christ has already been there and redeemed it for us. This season of Lent, will you let Christ into the darkest moments of your life? Will you let Christ be your reason for hope?

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