Carrie Becher

Your son will receive individualized attention and encouragement at De Smet Jesuit. He will not be a statistic in a school district’s files.

One of our guiding characteristics is cura personalis, a Latin term that means “care for the whole person.” Not every student comes from the same background or shares the same interests. Not every student learns at the same pace or through the same teaching method.

Our average class size is 20 students, and the student to teacher ratio is 10:1. We value meaningful relationships, and each student is assigned a Personal/Academic Counselor, a College Counselor, and a homeroom teacher for their four years at De Smet Jesuit, ensuring consistency and connection.

For course workloads, we challenge each student at his level and adapt accordingly each semester. We offer advanced honors classes, peer tutors, and creative electives.

Our course offerings also include traditional college preparatory courses and courses for students who need more focus on the fundamentals. We have a full-service learning center for students who have mild to moderate learning differences but are also college bound.

We are committed to meeting each student where he is academically and helping him strive to his best potential.

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