College Prep

College Prep
Carrie Becher

At our academic core, we are a college prep school. More than 98% of our students go on to four-year colleges—many of them with college credit already earned while in high school—and 77% of our seniors earn at least one scholarship.

We have aligned our curriculum to teach not just the academic content, but also college readiness skills, and Spartans score an average of 25.7 on the ACT, 5 points higher than Missouri’s average. More telling than this statistic, however is that our students improve their ACT scores by an average of 5.7 points from sophomore year—more than twice the national average of 2.3.

Your son will graduate prepared for college. He’ll know how to study, how to do homework, how to manage his time, how to collaborate with classmates, and when to turn to teachers or other resources for help.

Our alumni attend colleges and universities throughout Missouri and top universities ranging from the Ivy League to military academies. De Smet Jesuit is consistently one of the top feeder high schools to Jesuit universities across the country.

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