Caring for Our Common Home

Caring for Our Common Home
Maria Lang, Assistant Director of Admissions

In my mind, care for our common home incorporates a few things. Yes, recycling, planting trees, that sort of thing. But it also comes from an attitude. An attitude of not consuming more than we need. My husband and I recently decided to sell our then “dream house” and move. We didn’t want to be wrapped into such a large mortgage, and we wanted to be able to be generous with our money in different ways.

As we started fixing up certain parts of our house to sell, I began “the Purge” and sold about half of what we owned. It felt amazing. Furniture, decorations, china sets that others had insisted I would need—as each piece left, it felt like a physical weight being lifted. I told myself I never wanted to be buried under the weight of my possessions again.

So when I think of care for the common home, it makes me take a step back for a moment. I try to take stock of how much we have and what we need. I take the time to ask myself, how does what we do as a family impact the rest of the world?

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