Beatification of Rutilio Grande, S. J.

Beatification of Rutilio Grande, S. J.
Campus Ministry

Saints are holy people who once lived on the earth but are now spending eternity with God in Heaven. There are many steps in the process the Church uses to declare someone a saint, a person to whom we can turn to for intercession. This week, the Spanish Club teaches us about the Jesuit priest from El Salvador, Rutilio Garcia Grande, S.J., who will be beatified, one of the steps in the process, this coming Saturday. El Salvador experienced much turmoil in the twentieth century. Rutilio Grande dedicated his life’s work to helping the poor and marginalized, which ultimately led to his assassination in 1977. Our school’s mission calls us to be men for and with others no matter where this may lead us. What opportunities exist for us to use our gifts to help those in need?

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