Serving Those Who Serve: What "All In" Really Means

De Smet Jesuit student shakes hand of wounded veteran standing next to four other students
Robert Hutchison

When I married Katelyn four years ago, I was looking for an opportunity to become involved with the military or veterans—a way to have some solidarity with her as she was deployed with the USS Reagan in Japan, and I couldn’t be with her. Mr. Place’s father, Dr. Place, suggested the Josh Chamberlain Society, a local organization that supports wounded veterans and their families.

The JCS adopts the wounded veteran—or hero—and his or her family. For some, it may be assistance with medical bills. For others, the need is to help with the cost of higher education for a child. Sometimes their injuries keep them from being able to perform household maintenance. On Saturday, September 22, the freshmen maroon soccer team attended a skeet shoot that raised money to assist the various families they have adopted. Our students assisted in the following ways:

  • Setting up and taking down sponsorship signs throughout the course
  • Hauling food and drink from cars to the serving area
  • Filling coolers with ice
  • Setting up and distributing goodie bags for those participating in the skeet shoot
  • Breaking down boxes and hauling trash

Josh Klein has used the phrase “all in” to describe the attitude he wants out of those participating in the De Smet Jesuit soccer program.

He also likes to say that “all in” means “more than soccer.” Having the players volunteer at this event was a great way for them to realize that, while soccer is important, we’re about more than soccer. Soccer is an extension of the classroom, and this Saturday was an opportunity for us to be men for and with others.

To learn more about Spartan connections with the Josh Chamberlain Society, contact Coach Hutchison. For more #ALLIN inspiration, follow Coach Klein and his soccer teams on Twitter @DeSmetSoccer.

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