Leading the Lanes: Student Bowler Reflects…and Is Recognized

Jeremy Kinealy  holds trophy for being named 2017-2018 Male Youth Bowler of the Year by the St. Louis USBC.
Jeremy Kinealy '20

On October 27, 2018, the St. Louis United States Bowling Congress recognized Jeremy Kinealy ’20 as the 2017-2018 Male Youth Bowler of the Year. In his own words, he reflects on what fortitude, teamwork, and love for the sport have meant to him.

Bowling has helped make me who I am because the values I learn during practice and competition can be applied to other aspects of my life, such as school and work. The sport has taught me to push through the hard times and always work on improving. To me, bowling is something in which I can display the mentalities that I have in everyday life.

Fortitude is one characteristic that I could not compete without. Once someone gives up, the purpose of being in the situation is diminished, and nothing comes from it. I know that what I have and the opportunities that have been given to me are worth too much for me to give up on them, and myself, at any time. No matter where I am, how I feel, or how well I am executing, I know that I have to keep digging down. This sport means everything to me and it allows me to release who I am as a competitor.

When I was younger, my mother and grandmother got me into the sport by letting me bowl after their Thursday morning league sessions. Every week, I began to fall more and more in love with the game. The reason that I bowl is because of the love I have for the sport and the dream that still resonates within my head. I have wanted to be successful on the professional tour for as long as I can remember. The feeling of winning is one that I always chase, and my failures make winning feel earned, as I had to work hard to get past my shortcomings.

De Smet Jesuit’s Bowling Team has been a success in the two years that I have been here. In the 24-team event that determines the state champions, De Smet Jesuit finished around twelfth in 2017 and fourth last year. Making a team that can finish in the top five at state, in a sport that has dwindling numbers of participation, is hard by itself. The fact that De Smet Jesuit is a private school with significantly fewer students than most public schools makes the task much more daunting. However, we had a great group of guys that were talented and carried their share of the load. Together, we were able to put ourselves in a position to win. We lost four seniors last year, which is a large blow to our team as we are not nearly as strong this year compared to last season. We are expecting to have a few talented freshmen join us next year, and another run at the state title will be taken.

Jeremy received the Male Youth Bowler of the Year award at the St. Louis USBC’s annual Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet. Jeremy’s long list of achievements also include multiple tournament championships, being first among association male youth who average 229, and scoring 275 or more eight times. 

To learn more about bowling at De Smet Jesuit, please contact coach Melvin Kennedy. To learn about the other 50+ Spartan athletic teams, please contact John Pukala, Athletic Director.

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