US Marine and Alumnus Recognized for Servant Leadership

US Marine and Alumnus Recognized for Servant Leadership
Bill Rebholz '77

De Smet Jesuit challenges its young men to serve others and, thereby, transform the world. That is not hyperbole; it is what we are called to do, each in our own way. We see this being done in ways both great and small. For juniors it may be Monday afternoons in a local nursing home. For sophomores it may be a day cleaning up a city garden.

And in some cases, we see our alumni who serve for a lifetime, literally all over the world.

In September we inducted our newest member into the De Smet Jesuit Hall of Fame. Brigadier General Calvert L. Worth, Jr., USMC, graduated from De Smet Jesuit in 1984, and is one of 88 Marine general officers now serving our country. His service has taken him to some of the most challenging places in the world including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Haiti, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and he has led Marines there in some of the most difficult and painful work anyone can be called upon to do.

His has been a life of servant leadership.

Apart from the formal induction ceremony last Thursday, General Worth visited separately with two groups of students. His fluency in the Graduate at Graduation criteria and his ownership of our Ignatian “men for and with others” standard inspired both students and adults. In addition to forming lifelong friendships here, he credits his time at De Smet Jesuit with building his academic foundation and setting a moral compass that has been invaluable when making very difficult decisions.

We are proud to have alumni such as General Worth who, in spite of their amazing accomplishments, remain humble in spirit and grateful for their time at De Smet Jesuit.

To learn more about our service program, the profile of the Graduate at Graduation, or General Worth ’84, feel free to email Bill Rebholz ’77, Vice President of Advancement and a retired Marine. To connect with other alumni, please visit our alumni webpage or contact Patrick Morris ’06, Coordinator of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations.


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