De Smet Jesuit Welcomes Class of 2022

De Smet Jesuit Welcomes Class of 2022
De Smet Jesuit Communications

Senior leaders embraced the Class of 2022 with cheers and high fives on Friday at Odyssey 1, the day-long retreat and festivity that signifies the beginning of a Spartan’s journey. Freshmen bonded with their homeroom classmates through group discussions and team-building activities including favorites like the climbing wall, the spider web, and the trust fall. Throughout the day—and the next several months—freshmen are guided by their compañeros, seniors who partner with them during their transition to high school. Learning to lift each other up, the newest Spartans start to understand what it means to be a man for and with others.

Parents joined the celebration as the day culminated with the Spartan Olympiad. Complete with the traditional highlights of the torch lighting, the doves of peace, and relay competitions, the games began with prayer and an announcement of each freshman’s name—we once again extend a Spartan welcome to the Class of 2022.

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