New and Improved Tuition Assistance Plan Helps More Families

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De Smet Jesuit Communications

In order to help more families and students from diverse financial backgrounds experience the benefits of a De Smet Jesuit High School education, we have upgraded our tuition assistance plan as of March 2019. After careful examination, we added two calculations to our FACTS application review process in order to gain a more comprehensive picture of our applicants’ ability to pay tuition.

Some families who previously did not qualify for tuition assistance are now eligible for aid. Yours may be one of them.

Applicants for our Class of 2023 represent 58 zip codes and 84 schools, and a few seats remain for the upcoming school year. De Smet Jesuit believes that a school is strongest when it is rich in ethnic and socioeconomic diversity. We know that the process of choosing a school and navigating the application process can be stressful, and each situation is unique.

We will partner with you to find solutions that work for your family and make a De Smet Jesuit education affordable.

We are committed to timely communication to give parents peace of mind and all of the information they require to make a fully-informed decision. If you did not apply to De Smet Jesuit or have not previously considered private high school out of concern for cost, we encourage you to reconsider. To speak to someone on our admissions team, please call 314-567-3500 or email Maria Lang at or Tim Sullivan at

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