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Open to Growth
Open to Growth
Trevor Bonat

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Part of the DNA of Jesuit institutions is graduating well-rounded students. Our graduate at graduation is a statement of well-roundedness; we want your sons to be open to growth, intellectually competent, religious, loving, committed to justice, and emerging as a leader. With our strong humanities core, we expose students to a broad range of content and ideas that will serve them well in their future endeavors-we have the data to prove it! While we will never give up the well-roundedness that a humanities education brings, we are exploring avenues for students to dive into a passion and make that rounded education a little more pointy.

We have introduced a number of STEM and robotics courses. We are piloting independent studies opportunities based on student interests. We are opening horizons with our global education program. We also see some incredible talent development in digital media-a new course for us this year. Our students are now producing work that only an expert could find flaws in. I am so impressed with the work these students are creating under the instruction of Kevin Berns who is helping these young men sharpen their skills.

Below are links to two videos submitted for the Archdiocesan Annual Catholic Appeal. The video produced by Michael Sei and David Goodwillie is one of three finalists that will be voted upon this coming Sunday. While Luis Mejia and Andrew Bourbon's video did not get chosen as a finalist, it is a great example of our student talent and a tribute to the work of the Blessed Theresa of Calcutta parish.


ACA Video by David Goodwillie and Michael Sei

ACA Video by Luis Mejia and Andrew Bourbon