2012 Mission Week Prayer Service

As in years past, De Smet Jesuit Mission Week 2012 begins with a Prayer Service in order to set the context for reflections and activities. This year, the prayer service mirrored the daily examen while exploring the Mission Week theme, technology.

“Technology: The Reality” by James Lovinggood ’12 with assistance by Mr. Braden Piper


Google Chat from Belize City: Fr. Brian Christopher, S.J. by Parker Conover '12



Mission Week: Get in the Game by Jack McAtee '12


Closing Prayer & Blessing by Fr. Brian Christopher, S.J.




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Past Mission Week Prayer Service Speakers

2012: Rev. Brain Christopher, S.J.
2011: Prof. Christen Parker
2010: Mr. Vincent Giacabazi, S.J.
2009: Mr. Ronny O'Dwyer, S.J.
2008: Rev. Richard Hadel, S.J.
2007: Rev. Wally Sidney, S.J.
2006: Mr. Ken Luecke
2001 - 2003: Rev. John Arnold, S.J.
1992: Rev. Wally Sidney, S.J.; Rev. Patricio Wade, S.J.
1991: Rev. Przybulski, S.J.; Rev. Edward O'Brien, S.J.
1990: Rev. Joe Damhorst, S.J.; Rev. Ray Pease, S.J.
1979: Rev. John Craig, S.J.
1978: Rev. Ron Windmueller, S.J.
1977: Rev. Robert Holmes, S.J.
1976: Rev. Tom McQueeny, S.J.
1975: Rev. Bernard Hoyer, S.J.
1973/74: Fr. Thomas McQueeny, S.J.
1971: Rev. Leo Weber, S.J.