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St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, believed that we are daily called to live our lives "for the greater glory of God." Each day we are challenged to do more than the day before, to strive to be better people - to live the "Magis" - the "more," the "better," the greater.


The links below offer the names of placements that have proven wonderful opportunities for service and learning. The lists are neither exclusive nor exhaustive. New sites are added each year when they meet the criteria of need, challenge, and diversity.

As you read through the listings or think of new sites, look for opportunities where the "magis" can personally be found for yourself. Where is the greater need; where the opportunity for greater growth; where the circumstances more different than your own. Consider your choice of project sites as an extraordinary chance to go the extra mile (literally and figuratively), to do something you may never do again.

Being a "Man for Others" is more about serving others and less about what is easier or more convenient for yourself.

Prayerfully consider your strengths and weaknesses, your desires and interests. Rely on God to lead you. Open yourself to His challenges and His support.

If you have questions regarding any of the listed sites or new placements, please feel free to contact Deacon Olmsted at 567-3500, ext. 284, Mr. Plein at ext. 457 or Mrs. Stewart at ext. 262. Mr. Luecke may be contacted at 713-9169.

"If you want peace; work for justice!"

Project Opportunities

The links below offer agencies served by juniors during the past few years. Although it is possible to choose a project other than those listed, the Junior Projects Committee must first accept a new project before it can be finalized. The projects are grouped by the special needs of the people with whom the juniors will work.

Disabled Adults - Students are given the responsibility of helping mentally and/or physcially challenged adults on field trips, tutoring, teaching job skills and aiding them in everyday tasks.

Disadvantaged - Agencies in this category will bring students into contact with underprivileged children. They include shelters for the homeless, homes for children from dysfunctional families, Catholic schools in low-income neighborhoods and inner-city grade schools. Students primarily tutor and recreate with the people there.

Elderly - Students are in a unique position to be of service to the elderly in nursing homes and day care centers. Students at these agencies are involved in friendly visiting, helping conduct activities, reading letters to the residents, and generally taking an interest in their lives.

Head Start Programs - Head Start is a federally-funded program which provides pre-school education for economically disadvantaged children who may not otherwise receive the intellectual stimulation needed to thrive when they get to school. De Smet Jesuit students interact with the children and become male role models.

Health Care - These agencies focus on children who have been afflicted with a health problem, ranging from hearing impariment to recuperating from injury or operation. De Smet Jesuit students provide tutoring, play games with the children and attempt to instill a positive attitude.

Special Education - Students in this area of service will work in special schools (both public and private) in which all students have a special need. Working with a classroom teacher, De Smet Jesuit students interact with children who have a variety of special needs, such as learning disabilities, physical disabilities, autism, mental disabilities and behavior disorders to help provide indivual attention that the students require.