2015 Grade School Summer Enrichment Programs


Camp: Ultimate Frisbee

Coach: Mr. Peter Lenzini

Description: Ultimate Frisbee is a seven-on-seven field sport that combines elements of football, soccer and basketball. It is a burgeoning sport in high school athletics. This camp for grade schoolers will introduce participants to the rules, basic strategies and essential skills of the game. Campers will receive a De Smet Jesuit disc and a practice jersey.

Date Offered: Week of June 15 (AM)

Cost: $80

*This camp is full 

Camp: Baseball

Coach: Mr. David Stewart

Description: Instruction for this camp is designed to improve the campers’ baseball knowledge and skills. Participants will receive instruction on hitting, pitching, catching mechanics, base running and fielding. The camp is structured to help both the casual player and the advanced player. Participants will be grouped according to ability.

Date Offered: Week of June 1 (AM)

Cost: $95

*This camp is full

Camp: Soccer

Coach: Mr. Josh Klein

Description: Campers will learn shooting, heading, receiving, passing and ball control techniques. Tactical training will include one-on-one, two-on-two and three-on-two situations. Instruction is designed to meet the needs of players from beginner to advanced, and participants are grouped according to skill.

Date Offered: Week of June 8 (AM)

Cost: $95

*This camp is full

Camp: Lacrosse

Coach: Mr. Joseph Douglas

Description: Players will be introduced to the country’s fastest growing sport, its positions and fundamentals by Varsity Coach Joe Douglas. A stick can be purchased at the time of registration.

Date Offered: Week of July 20 (5:30 – 8:00 pm)

Cost: $75 (beginner); $125 (intermediate)

Camp: Basketball (All Day)

Coach: Mr. Kevin Poelker

Grade Levels: 4th-9th

Description: This camp emphasizes the fundamentals of basketball. The morning is spent on individual skills such as shooting, rebounding, and ball handling. The afternoon emphasizes team skills and competition. Each day features shooting competitions and camper-of-the-day awards for each division. Each camper will receive a reversible jersey to wear during the session.

You may bring your lunch or buy it in the cafeteria. All camps will be conducted at De Smet and St. Monica. All camps are limited to 144 campers each week.

Dates Offered: Weeks of June 8, June 15, and June 22** (M-TH 8:30 am – 3:00 pm), (Fri-8:30 am – 12:00 pm)

Cost: $150

*This camp is full  

Click here for a PDF registration form

Camp: Blake Ahearn Shooting Skills

Coach: Mr. Blake Ahearn

Description: All-time NCAA Division I free-throw leader, former NBA, Missouri State and De Smet Jesuit graduate Blake Ahearn will provide techniques, drills, vocabulary, and one-on-one instruction that will immediately improve shooting accuracy, range, and quickness. He will teach campers what current college and NBA players are doing to make them better shooters and scorers.

Date Offered: Week of July 27 (AM)

Cost: $80

Camp: Volleyball

Coach: John Hawkey

Description: This camp is designed to meet the needs of players from beginners to advanced. Each day of the camp will focus on a different volleyball skill, including passing, moving, serving, hitting, and blocking. The camp also features tournament play to test and work on the skills learned.

Date Offered: Week of July 20 (2:00 - 4:00 pm)

Cost: $75

Camp: Football

Coach: Mark DeGreeff

Description: Campers will receive an introduction to important techniques and skills for the gridiron, including:

  • offensive and defensive stances
  • how to properly throw, hold and run with the football
  • proper techniques for blocking, tackling, passing, receiving, placekicking and punting.

This camp also includes 7-on-7 games throughout the week.

Date Offered: Week of July 6 (AM)

Cost: $90

Camp: Wrestling

Coach: Colby Robinson

Description:  This camp is dedicated to the growth and development of grade school-aged wrestlers. Campers will learn the basics of wrestling, including positioning, motion, and poise. This camp is highlighted by one-on-one coaching from some of the top wrestling coaches in the St. Louis area. Novice and skilled wrestlers are welcome, with appropriate learning tracks available for both.

Date Offered: Week of July 13 (AM)

Cost: $95