Maroon Madness 2019

The Madness is Underway!

What is Maroon Madness? 
Maroon Madness is a De Smet Jesuit Alumni competition to find out which class is the truly best in “team” giving. Coinciding with the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, classes will raise funds to determine which can reach the highest overall class giving percentage.

How Long is It? 
March 21 through April 8. Brackets are now locked for the NCAA tournament, but alums are still welcome to make a gift to support their class' giving percentages. The Class Champion and Individual Bracket Champion winners will be announced on April 9. 

The Maroon Madness Class Champion (the class with the top giving percentage at the end of the tournament) will win a private tailgate before a varsity home game, be featured at halftime of that game, and help choose how the Maroon Madness dollars will support De Smet Jesuit. 

The Maroon Madness Individual Bracket Champion (the individual that wins the online NCAA bracket) will win a 50" Samsung 4K UHD Smart TV (and substantial bragging rights throughout the entire DSJ alumni community). 

How to Play

  1. Make a one-time contribution (minimum $10, but you're encouraged to give more!) to De Smet Jesuit under the Maroon Madness giving page. You can also give via Venmo to @DeSmetJesuit (your Venmo donation MUST include your full name and graduation year) or call the Advancement Office to take down a credit card number. 
  2. Class percentages will be updated on the chart below. The class with the highest overall giving percentage on April 9 will be the Maroon Madness Class Champion, and the winning NCAA bracket will be the Maroon Madness Individual Bracket Champion.


  1. The ultimate goal is to raise each class’ overall giving percentages in this fiscal year (July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019). New gifts to your class (those made by individuals who have not yet made a gift in this fiscal year) will count towards increasing your class' overall participation percentage. If you have already made a gift earlier this fiscal year, you may still make another to help your class’ overall dollar amount - which will be used to break a tie between two classes with the same giving percentage - and to participate in the Individual Bracket. 
  2. NO PLEDGES! Minimum gift amount is $10, and your gift will only count once in helping your class participation giving percentage (in other words, you cannot make multiple small gifts to help boost your class percentage total). Multiple gifts are welcome to be made to help increase a class’ total giving.
  3. Limit of one (1) Individual Bracket per person unless you select the reoccurring option, in which you get two (2) brackets.
  4. Individual Bracket entries are only eligible for alumni who do the following. Failure to comply will deem a bracket as ineligible. 
    1. Make the minimum $10 Maroon Madness contribution.
    2. Fill out the bracket prior to the first March Madness game on March 21.
    3. Include their full name and graduation year in the bracket for tracking purposes (example: "Pierre De Smet 1967") 
  5. Gifts can only be made either online, through Venmo (search for “@DeSmetJesuit”), or by contacting the Advancement Office. Venmo donations MUST include your full name, graduation year, and email address in order to receive the bracket link and have your gift be accurately processed.

For any questions, please contact Patrick Morris '06 or Jeff Cernicek '92 in the Advancement Office. Thank you, good luck, and may the best class win!


Maroon Madness 2019 Class Totals
(Will be updated throughout the campaign)

Grad Year New Gifts March 18-24 New Gifts March 25-31 New Gifts April 1-8 Overall Current Class Giving Percentage
1971       20.9%
1972       8.4%
1973       15.7%
1974       6.0%
1975       19.2%
1976       17.2%
1977       25.4%
1978       19.1%
1979       19.4%
1980       14.8%
1981       15.5%
1982       14.1%
1983       16.7%
1984       11.9%
1985       15.9%
1986       16.5%
1987       15.6%
1988       13.9%
1989       9.3%
1990       7.5%
1991       6.1%
1992       8.6%
1993       13.0%
1994       7.3%
1995       4.4%
1996       4.3%
1997       4.0%
1998       5.9%
1999       2.1%
2000       2.4%
2001       2.3%
2002       4.0%
2003       5.8%
2004       1.7%
2005       12.4%
2006       13.8%
2007       8.1%
2008       8.2%
2009       5.7%
2010       5.4%
2011       6.0%
2012       2.8%
2013       14%
2014       2.9%
2015       0%
2016       3.2%
2017       2.2%
2018       3.7%