Service Program

Men for and With Others : A Call to Serve

De Smet Jesuit offers a four-year, comprehensive service program, which encourages students to become other-centered.

Sophomore Service Program

Sophomores are required 25 hours of service in addition to hosting the Special Olympics as a class.  They are allowed to do some of the service at home (limit of 10 hours) doing things that would not be considered their normal household chores.  Students are also allowed to do some of their service with De Smet Jesuit (limit of 15 hours) helping at different events during the year or camps in the summer.  There is no limit to the hours working in their church or with a service organization.

Junior Projects Program

The Junior class service is focused on building relationships in the community through service.  Juniors partner up with an organization, school, or retirement home and work from 12:30 - 3:00 each Monday that school is in session.  Students give their time in the community they partner with to learn about the social justice issues associated with the work as well as build relationships with the people they are working with.  

Senior Service Program

Seniors are to take what they have learned and experienced from their service work and commit themselves to 1 or 2 service organizations to work with their senior year.  They are required to complete 50 hours of service (limit of 15 hours with De Smet Jesuit) during the summer or school year.  They are to find and schedule the service program themselves and schedule the work outside of school.  

Service/Learning Mission Trips

Service/Learning Mission Trips are local and international trips that are offered to seniors to have a more immersive experience of service in different communities.  Regular trips include working in Punta Gorda, Belize with the Jesuit community, work in Nicaragua with Amigos for Christ, as well as different opportunities along the US border and Appalachia.  Students fundraise to pay for the trips and will participate in different reflective activities to help put the experience into perspective.  These trips count for their Senior Service hours.  


  • Men for and With Others

Spartans work with more than 125 organizations around St. Louis

  • 27,000
  • hours +

number of service hours done by Spartans over the past year

  • Junior Service Program

Juniors volunteer at 80+ organizations on Mondays for 2 1/2 hours

  • 140
  • hours

Students graduate with over 130 hours of service in the community

  • Children

More than 50% of our students work with children in schools and day cares

  • International

Seniors have opportunities for mission work in Belize, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, and more.